As promised, on Monday night (Jan. 13), Ari Lennox dropped her new single “Buss It” alongside her label family Dreamville.

Lennox’s “Buss It” is an assertive soulful sultry single about wanting a lover to bring it all the way home in the bedroom.

“Said, have off my clothes when you arrive. You could seduce me with your eyes. Don’t want the smoke, don’t waste my time. I be open for you,” Lennox sings.

“Work out my spine, I need you near. You scared of love but F your fear. Ain’t no gettin’ away from this if you wanted to.”

Listen to Ari Lennox’s  “Buss It” below.

Glennisha Morgan is a Detroit-bred multimedia journalist and writer. She writes about intersectionality, hip-hop, pop culture, queer issues, race, feminism, and her truth. Follow her on Twitter @GlennishaMorgan.