Whenever a topical issue arises in pop culture, the response of the general Internet public often prompts people to say “the internet is undefeated”.  This past weekend, however, the Internet defeated itself.

Last weekend, rapper Trick Daddy made international headlines when he was arrested for DUI and possession of cocaine.

While the fact that he got arrested for two offenses so serious is news in and of itself, the internet as a whole was more concerned with his mugshot–and his hairline–than with the nature of his charges.

Is this hairline irregular?  Absolutely.  Without any context, does it appear to be humorous?  Sure.  But there is one issue with the internet’s roasting of Trick Daddy over it:

Trick Daddy’s hairline is the product of the rapper’s long and ongoing battle with lupus.

Lupus, an autoimmune disease, is a condition in which the body’s natural defenses do not work properly, and it starts attacking itself.  Symptoms are wide-ranging, can be severe, and include hair loss.

Presumably after being released, Trick Daddy responded to the trolling on Facebook, stating:

“Let me get this right…you lie on me..make fun of the fact that I have lupus…and all this just for the likes.  Thank god im strong. Everything is funny until it hits close to home..my feelings don’t hurt easily. I’m too worried about waking up tomorrow.”

This is yet another example of the internet taking a joke too far for the sake of social media laughs.  There are many reasons for hair loss, but the fact that Trick Daddy’s hairline is the product of a long fight with a serious illness makes the internet’s response more than just wrong: it is shameful.

Internet, you have once again proven that, as a social environment, you are devoid of compassion, respect, common sense, and dignity.  While you certainly have deserved it many times in the past, the roasting of Trick Daddy over a health condition has earned you the D Bag of the Day for the first time.