Police are employed and paid–via taxpayer dollars–to protect the community from crime and serve citizens in times of need.

Apparently, arresting people for minor, nonviolent, non-threatening physical contact fall under that umbrella.

Cleveland Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr made headlines this past week for the way in which he celebrated LSU’s victory in the College Football Playoff National Championship.  First he was accused of handing out $100 bills to players, and then he was scene on video giving a police officer in the locker room a celebratory butt slap.

In football locker rooms, butt slaps as such are incredibly common, and do not represent violence or bad intent of any kind.

Here is a video of the incident:

Odell Beckham Jr. Slaps Cop's Butt During LSU Celebration

While a cop was snooping around offensive lineman Damien Lewis, Beckham walks behind the officer and smacks his ass.

Now, the New Orleans Police have issued a warrant for Odell’s arrest–for simple battery.

For a city that was ranked as one of the 20 worst cities in America when it comes to violent crime, it is nice to see the police force in that community focusing on protecting the community in areas that actually matter.

New Orleans Police: for wasting taxpayer dollars and public resources on this case, you get the #DBagOfTheDay!