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2020 is already starting off with more scams!

Amazon wants shoppers to know about the latest phone scam that’s affected thousands of customers.  Crooks are calling to say that there has been “fraudulent activity” found on your Amazon account and can offer to fix the charges if you just chuck over your credit card information. Wait… how would that fix my problems?

Let’s say you’re smart enough to say “no.” The crooks won’t give up. They will then say that you need to download a piece of software to protect your account.  That software can give these thieves full access to your computer, putting your information at risk. Ransomware is at an all-time high and it can lock your files and tear your machine apart.

If you receive one of these scam calls or ever get a suspicious email claiming to be from Amazon, report it to the company at stop-spoofing@amazon.com

So far, it’s hit the U.K. hard but is making its way west.

Have you received one of these calls?

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