Wendy Williams cracked jokes on the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix, last week on the Wendy Williams show. 

Oddly enough, she gave a back-handed compliment about how attracted she was to his “cleft lip” condition.

She held her finger over her top lip for 10 seconds to make her audience laugh and cheer her on.

Wendy Williams mocking Joaquin Phoenix's Cleft lip

Clip of Wendy Williams being her usual self

Parents and social media pundits scoffed at her insensitivity to this condition. Cleft palate happens when a baby’s lip is not fully developed in the womb.

Wendy Williams issued an apology via Twitter last week. She says her show is donating money to help people with cleft lip.

Cher, the legendary singer took to Twitter to say “Fk her apology.”

Did Wendy go too far with her joke?

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