Marijuana legalization has slowly, but surely, become the norm in this county.  In fact, there are now only three states that do not have any form of legalization, be it medical or recreational.

One man fighting the cause for legalization took it to a whole different level.20-year-old Spencer Alan Boston was arrested Monday after police said he smoked marijuana in a Wilson County courtroom in front of a judge.

He was in court for a drug possession charge and, during his hearing for that charge, expressed a viewpoint that marijuana should be legalized at the podium.

He then reached into his pocket and sparked up a fat doobie like a gaggle of hippies at a Grateful Dead concert.

Officers immediately took him into custody, as many in the courtroom burst out laughing.

Boston was charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession, according to police. His bond is $3,000, according to jail records.

One officer on the scene reported that the marijuana smoked by Boston had a “strong odor”.