Before you do a good deed, make sure it actually IS a good deed.

31-year-old Steven Engberg was walking around Scottsdale, Arizona last Sunday night after doing some drinking.

And he came across a cop car parked in the road with its lights on, but no cops inside.  So he decided to help out . . . by hopping in the driver’s seat and PARKING it for them.

He moved it to a nearby lot, got out, and started to walk away.  But the cops saw him do it and caught up with him.  It turned out they were responding to a call at a nearby business.

He told them he was just trying to help, since they were blocking a lane of traffic.  But obviously you can’t just hop in a cop car like that.  It also didn’t help that his blood alcohol level was TWICE the legal limit.

He’s facing charges for driving under the influence, and unlawful means of transportation. 

(3TV / 12News)