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Random Acts Of Kindness at Susie Q’s Kids, Inc.

Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. envisions a world where no child goes without the basic necessities and comforts of life. In order to serve a diverse community of needs, we provide life-impacting comfort bags to children and young adults who need support the most.

The Gello Show took the Random Acts Of Kindness to Susie Q’s Kids, Inc. to help stuff comfort bags for children and young adults fighting illness!

What’s A Comfort Bag?

We create comfort bags custom tailored for non-profits, and plan to grow our commitment to children and young adults.

Comfort bags may include:
• Personal hygiene products
• Blankets and stuffed animals
• Coloring, art and craft supplies
• Playdoh, puzzles and lego kits
• Journals, writing and reading books
• Inspirational items

Thanks to Community Financial Credit Union for making this possible!