Here’s a rich person’s problem that’s actually relatable to you and me.

BAD NEWS BLUES: Please Don't Tell My Wife About This

57 year old Maurice got into a high speed chase with the cops. . .and the reason will shock you!!!!

There’s a 57-year-old businessman named Maurice Sines in Kent, England, and back in May of 2018, he left a golf tournament in his $520,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom . . . and the cops tried to pull him over.

But Maurice made his chauffeur get into a POLICE CHASE to try to get away from them.

When they eventually caught them, Maurice admitted he’d made his driver get in the chase because he was in the back getting-it-on with a woman who wasn’t his wife . . . and he figured it’d be bad if the cops stopped them and she found out.

Or, as he phrased it in the most British way possible, he said he, quote, “had a bird in the back having a shag.”

He was in court this week, and got an eight-month suspended sentence and some fines for dangerous driving.  As far as we know, his driver wasn’t charged . . . and there’s no word on how his wife feels about all this.