With all the madness going on, people still find a way to show how much they really don’t care.  First off we have to chill on stock piling toilet paper.  The manufacturers and distributors can’t keep up with the demand of restocking if we continuously try and hoard it.  It’s not because of a shortage I’m almost positive (just my opinion).  Buy it like you normally do and we should all be fine.  Now, back to the DBAG!  It happened Monday morning in a Meijer parking lot in Canton.  This guy was caught on camera trying to sell packages of toilet paper for $60 bucks!!!!!!!!   I pray to GOD no one fell for it.  In these trying times you would think folks would do their best to try and stick together.  The COVID-19 virus is doing enough damage already.  We shouldn’t be adding to the chaos!  Shame.