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LIVERMORE, CA - JULY 18: A Safeway customer browses in the fruit and vegetable section at Safeway's new "Lifestyle" store July 18, 2007 in Livermore, California. Safeway unveiled its newest Lifestyle store that features numerous organic and natural foods as well as expanded produce, meat, seafood and floral departments. The store also offers freshly made desserts and baked goods, a coffee roaster, a fresh nut bar and wine section with over 2,000 wines, some of which are stored in a climate controlled wine cellar. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Wait, my grandmother always told me to wash my fruits and vegetables after buying them, but not with soap!

According to virologist Timothy Newsome, not only can the COVID-19 stick to surfaces, it can stick to our fresh produce.

Newsome says, “We have to remember that every surface is potentially contaminated. And like with any surface there is a risk. We don’t see it as high risk because that comes from sustained contact with other people, but nonetheless it’s important to be mindful.”

I just can’t see myself eating grapes after they’ve been washed with soap! I guess anything to stay alive, right?

Are you washing your fruits and veggies with soap?

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