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Boy scout, Quinn Roney is creating ear pain guards with his 3D printer for medical staff who wear face masks all day to help make them more comfortable…

These guards take pressure off their ears so they’re not sore after a long day…

The ear guards stretch across the back of the head and instead of hooking face mask straps around the ears, medical staff can secure them to the guard.
They can adjust to different lengths so they fit perfectly and they’ll keep healthcare workers from having sore ears at the end of their shift after wearing masks all day.”As someone who works in healthcare I can say that this is fantastic! When we wear them constantly all day everyday, they actually start to cut into the back of our ears,” wrote one user.
Quinn has been making dozens of his ear guards and donating them to local hospitals. And he also made the file he’s using public, so anyone else who’s inspired can do the same!
…We love you, Quinn! Thank you for your service.