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Detroit brewery, Atwater Brewery, is not only making beer but is now adding hand sanitizer to their production.  They are making 2,500 gallons of sanitizer a week to be donated to local first responders including hospitals, shelters, nursing homes and essential businesses including, the Detroit Medical Center, Harper Hospital, Beaumont, St John’s, Karmanos Cancer Institute, Forgotten Harvest and Martha T. Berry Elder.

The brewery also makes weekly deliveries to all 12 of the Detroit Police Precincts and many fire stations.

“We’re aggressively ramping production to meet needs during this crisis and, in fact, are planning to continue hand sanitizer production for the longer term. This is what Detroit is all about. It’s about giving back and helping neighbors in need,” said owner Mark Rieth. “We’re thrilled to be part of Detroit’s ‘Arsenal of Health’ and help residents and front line workers stay safe.”

The sanitizer can also be purchased.