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It doesn’t get any better than getting paid for doing what you’re doing anyway, watching TV!

EDsmart recently announced that that they will pay five people $41.50 an hour plus $1,000 to watch all 10 Harry Potter films and the spin-off Fantastic Beasts movies.

In addition to getting paid, these individuals will also receive a copy of the complete 8-film Harry Potter collection on Blu-Ray, plus other Harry Potter goodies.

The company says it will take 25 hours and 6 minutes to complete the task. Oh well, you have time!

The ideal candidate will be social-media savvy, is at least 18 years old and is a die-hard Harry Potter fan.

Once the five participants watch all the films, they will be asked to rank each film and write about their experience online.

Applications must be submitted by be May 15, 2020.

You down? Click here to enter!

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