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These IG live battles have been one of the more entertaining things on social media during quarantine. Could we see an epic battle?

The latest battle suggestion has some scratching their heads thanks to Timbaland and Swizz Beatz. The two producers want Diddy and Dr. Dre to face off in a battle Pay-Per-View style.

Yes, you would have to pay to see it but the proceeds would go towards giving back.

Swizz refers to it as a “give back.”–what is not clear is where exactly is the money going. COVID-19 relief?

Unfortunately, Dr. Dre does not seem to like the idea. He is happy to watch the battles but he does not like the term “battle” which is why Swizz is trying to find another angle as a way to lure him into doing it.

Do you think this battle will happen? Would you spend money to watch it?

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