During this quarantine, even the healthiest (and strongest) among us has fallen victim to a late night Papa John’s binge or a sweet tooth that seems to be only be satisfied by chocolate cake or double fudge ice cream…..you are not alone!

Instead of trying to turn off cravings to no avail (we’ve all felt the shame of eating that second office donut we “weren’t supposed to eat…” or the attempt to resist when you really want some french fries), here are the hacks to actually get rid of those cravings, shame, and guilt once and for all.

  • Sunshine:  A ravenous appetite often develops because of a lack of serotonin. Sunshine brightens up your mood and minimizes the risk of binge eating. (It also melts that chocolate bar you were planning to eat…)


  • Tea:  Hot, unsweetened tea can be very soothing for your stomach and can ease the craving sensations.


  • Meditate:  It helps you cope with stress, which is often the cause of these seemingly insatiable attacks.


  • Cool off your palate:  An ice-cold sensation in your mouth works wonders against cravings. Feel some cravings coming on? Just suck on an ice cube.


  • Vitamins:  Instead of chocolate or other sweet stuff, eat a handful of dried fruits. This way your body receives not only the sweetness you’re seeking, but also vitamins and minerals.


  • Coffee break: Coffee or green tea can reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. (Especially when you have them with a donut!)

If you have a hack to stop food cravings that you’d like to share, send it to nikki.vaughn@1051thebounce.com