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It’s likely going to be a long time until large gatherings, like concerts, can resume due to the coronavirus pandemic, but if they do, especially before a vaccine is in place, things will presumably look different and have a steep price increase.

The Washington Post examined this in a newly published feature where they spoke with various promoters and venue owners, who mentioned how they’d have to cut capacity to help with social distancing measures, but this would also translate into raising ticket prices.

One example given was from Michael Dorf, owner of the New York and Washington concert venue City Winery. He’s considering reducing seats from 300 to 150 and booking acts that would normally play massive arenas. While he would charge for a live stream for a show, there was an idea of charging upward of $800 for a ticket.

Dorf told WaPo, “The preciousness of the live experience has become more valuable. I have talked to a couple of agents who represent some artists that I would love to have in our space and I was pitching them on this idea. And I was not hung up on as some ranting small-venue lunatic.”

Of course, even before the pandemic, concert ticket prices were already a sore spot for many fans as best expressed in the WaPo feature by The Reverend Horton Heat [Jim Heath] who said, “We’re already in an elitist situation with these concert tickets. Only rich people will be able to go to the shows.”


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