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The murder hornets are invading the U.S. and I’m not gonna lie, they have me shook!

There’s a video of what appears to be an asian “murder” hornet attacking a mouse and killing the mouse within a matter of seconds.

The video from at least two years ago just resurfaced this week after reports that these deadly things are right here in our backyard.

TMZ says that a new influx of hornets from Asia pose a massive risk to our domestic bee population, not to mention humans. With them roaming the wild, much of the natural order of the animal kingdom is in danger.

It’s unknown if this is an actual murder hornet in this video, but based on the description, it matches.

Just throw 2020 away, at this point if these things begin to replicate, I may never leave the house. I’m a baby like that!

Watch and beware!

Hornet Extreme Attack On The Mouse

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