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Like some of my elders would say, “Act like you got some damn home training!”

One woman was arrested for licking her hands and touching items at a sandwich shop and grocery store in South Carolina.

Shenir Gibson Holliday has been accused of licking her hands and coughing before she opened the door of the frozen food section at an IGA in Sumpter. She proceeded to touch food items and OF COURSE, the incident was caught on video.

Holliday did the same thing at the Sub Station II restaurant. She reportedly licked money before giving it to a cashier and licked change before putting it in the tip jar. A witness told authorities that Holliday said “It’s in God’s hands now” as she left the sandwich shop.

She was arrested and ordered to undergo COVID-19 testing.

Listen, I’ve known people to play pranks and be stupid in public, but this is taking it to a new level. I don’t know if this lady has the coronavirus and thought it would be funny to infect others or if she was trying to prove a point that people are taking things too seriously. Regardless, I think this is the type of stupid prank that should have you stuck in jail until all states have lifted their orders. I have no sympathy for those who think it’s cute to try to get me sick.

Lock her up and throw away the key!

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