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Right now, it’s hard enough to keep your kids sane during the quarantine. My two little ones watch a ton of TV and it usually consists of me out in the living room working and them in the bedroom by themselves. What happened to spending quality time together? Well, thanks to ABC, families all around the world now can have a movie night!

ABC has made the announcement that ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’ will be returning this summer!

The films will air on Wednesday nights beginning May 20 and will run through June 6. So while we’re still under the stay home order, we can make it a family tradition to turn on ABC and enjoy free movies!

Disney favorites like Moana, Big Hero 6, Up, and Thor: The Dark World are the films scheduled for the return.

I wasn’t old enough to remember when this was a thing, but my mom used to always talk about it!

Were you a fan of ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’ when it aired?

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