HAMILTON ISLAND, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 06: Denise and Mark Duffield-Thomas pose after renewing their vows for the 79th time at Daydream Island Resort on November 6, 2010 in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia. Denise and Mark Duffield-Thomas winners of "The Ultimate Job - Honeymoon Testers" competition for Ireland's Runaway Bride and Groom visited Queensland on the last leg of the 12 month honeymoon promotion testing wedding venues across the world. As part of the promotion the couple will attempt to break the World Guinness Record for the most number of "wedding vows" renewed by a couple, currently 83. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

I just got engaged last year and started planning our wedding! Might have to incorporate a few of these quarantine vows…

1. “I promise to never loudly shout from the other room ‘Hey Baberaham Lincoln, what sounds good for dinner?’ before confirming you’re not video chatting with your boss.” ― Sarah

2. “I promise to always use deodorant whether I leave the house or not. I promise not to chew or breathe until you are in the safety of another room. I promise not to pretend to be the first victim in the zombie apocalypse and spend 45 minutes trying to eat your brains. I promise not to try and re-create any meals from our favorite restaurants.” ― Josh Wolinsky

3. “Do you promise to go out in the wild to look for toilet paper, no matter what the cost? Do you promise to not walk around naked when there’s a Zoom conference in progress?” ― Lisa

4. “Our marriage vows should have included my husband promising not to eat my secret snack stash. I’m more lovable when I have carbs.” ― Sara

5. “I’m thankful that my wife and I haven’t been forced to test drive ‘or poorer’ yet this year, but ‘for worse’ is doing A LOT of work. I probably should have enumerated ‘in Crocs and sweatpants,’ ‘with kids and dogs EVERYWHERE. ALL. THE. TIME,’ and maybe the whole cutting my own hair thing — just to make it ironclad. This obviously only applies to me; she is perfect.” — Brian Kieffe

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