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If you’re been going through TJ Maxx withdraws, good news: The longstanding American department store has relaunched their online store.

The online shopping store tries to stay in line with the in-store experience by using all the same categories.

If you want to shop, log on early, because TJ Maxx will only allow a set number of orders a day, and then you have to wait until the next day.

Here are five of our favorites stores to shop at online, aside from TJ Maxx, of course!

Nordstrom Rack

If you love Nordstrom but want to save some cash, try shopping online at Nordstrom Rack. They offer many of the same brands, at a discounted rate.


Express has a long history of offering both trendy and classic pieces, and they have an extensive online store that offers the same styles you’ll find in person.


If you’re looking for trendy summer dresses, casual attire or even formal clothing, then give Lulu’s a try. They have a full selection of clothing online, with some cute and modern touches.


Target offers pretty much everything in one massive online collection. It’s a bonus when you get to buy clothing and kitchen accessories at one online store.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is my go-to store when looking for something really trendy and eye-catching. They always have random deals going on, too, so whenever you shop online, you’re likely to get a deal.

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