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There were a handful of restaurants that were struggling before the pandemic crushed their bottom line and some of these are on my favorites list. Business Insider has named 15 restaurants that we’ll be seeing less of in 2021 and some of them include:

  • Steak and Shake -which recently closed 51 stores after already closing over a hundred locations
  • Subway – which may be forced to close another 900 locations
  • Pizza Hut – which may have less than 7,000 locations by 2021 – WOW!
  • Burger King – which plans to close 200-250 stores per year over the next few year

Other restaurants closing several stores in the next year include Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesday and even Taco Bell. You can read the full list of disappearing restaurants here.

I used to live in Peoria, IL and the Steak n Shake headquarters is located about 30 minutes away from there and I felt like there was a SNS on every block! Now, there’s only a handful left in that community! I can also say I haven’t had it in awhile. They better not start closing Taco Bell though! That’s an addiction!

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