Living That BOUNCE Life

People are using delivery services more than ever during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, it’s easier than cooking, right? But which food is most prevalent?

Yelp recently did a survey where they broke down the most popular food by state. As their blog explains, “To determine the Most Popular Delivery Order Unique to Every State During COVID-19, Yelp data scientist Samuel Hansen mined the text of dish names ordered since March 16, which marked the start of shelter-in-place orders across the nation.”

As expected, pizza delivery dominated throughout the country. Other popular food choices were Sushi, pad Thai, gyros, and General Tso’s chicken. There were also some randoms in the mix, including Naan, Belgium fries, dumplings, and Bao buns.

As far as by state, a lot of regions preferred choices were understandable: New York’s was cheese pizza, Pennsylvania’s was Italian hoagies, and Mississippi ordered a lot of crawfish. Some decisions, though, were random. For example, Nevada preferred food was spam musubi, and in Oklahoma, croissants are the most popular to-go selection.

To see the full list of favorite foods in every state, click here.

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