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MINNEAPOLIS, MN - MAY 27: Protesters confront police outside the 3rd Police Precinct on May 27, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired after a video taken by a bystander was posted on social media showing 46-year-old George Floyd's neck being pinned to the ground by an officer as he repeatedly said, "I can’t breathe". Floyd was later pronounced dead while in police custody after being transported to Hennepin County Medical Center. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Racism is alive.

But you knew that already. The George Floyd situation in Minneapolis that resulted in a black man being killed after screaming that he couldn’t breathe is hard to take in. It’s hard to watch, it’s hard to swallow and it’s hard to comprehend why this continues to happen in this country. I’m unlike most of my friends who believe that all cops are bad and out to get you. I love police, I support their job and respect the hell out of it. I also am not ignorant to the fact that that there are cops that exist that aren’t so fair and friendly.

Do I support looting? No. I’m not so sure it solves anything and to me, it’s sending the message to those who are prejudice that black people are ignorant. I’m not quite convinced that looting is going to stop the racist behavior. Maybe it sends a message that black people have had enough but since when do racist people care?

Do I support protesting? Yes. The sad part is that I’m not so sure protesting is going to solve anything either. Peaceful protesting isn’t being taking seriously. Plus, what happened when people were being peaceful? Kneeling was looked at as being against America. I’m not against America but I sure as hell am against what’s happening in America.

For someone who doesn’t support the looting that’s happening, I UNDERSTAND it. If you don’t understand why it’s happening, you’re tone deaf and ignorant to the situation. Black people have had enough. Not just black people either. Brown people, hispanic people and those who have been oppressed. Looting isn’t solving anything but protesting isn’t helping either. What is it going to take for police officers to stop killing innocent black people? When I say innocent, I don’t mean that they didn’t do anything wrong or commit a crime, but they didn’t deserve to die. I believe police officers will continue this madness until they know that they can’t get away with it anymore. I’m not so sure on where to go from here. All I do is pray.

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