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Tracy Marie

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If you don’t see it, please visit your eye doctor to be fitted for glasses or contacts immediately.  This thing came wiggling out within the first 60 seconds of being submerged in saltwater, along with a couple of other, small bugs.  Now, I’m not alarmed at the fact that these bugs exist.  It’s the fact that I prewashed and they were still hiding in the berry!  …I will not be eating strawberries for a very long time.

Here’s a video on how to wash berries, if you still have the stomach to eat them after experiencing what I did:

How To: Washing Fruits and Vegetables to Remove Pesticides - aSimplySimpleLife

Dirty Dozen Fruits and Veggies: How To Clean Fruits n Veggies How to make your own fruits and vegetables wash.

Will YOU continue to eat strawberries now that you know this?

What extra precautions are you willing to take?

-Tracy Marie

With 10+ years in the radio industry, Tracy Marie has worked in marketing, promotions, digital, programming and production. She is currently Digital Program Director with Beasley Media Group, and can be heard on-air, Sundays 10-3pm. Follow her on Instagram @ItsTracyMarie