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Young MA recently interfered with a police officer’s interaction with a fan.

A Young woman in Atlanta, Georgia was pulled over by law enforcement, and the Brooklyn rapper who was around interfered and asked cops, “What did she do?”

The officer told Young MA that “It’s fine.” However, she proceeded to inquire about exactly what the woman did wrong and stayed around during the entire interaction.

“No, no, no. What did she do? What did y’all pull her over for,” Young MA asked the group of police officers. “It ain’t fine…She was talking to me.”

After the artist talked to the group of policemen who pulled over the woman, she ended up only receiving a warning.

“But we had to stay there!  We had to stand in front of them to let them know, yo, that we’re not leaving until y’all let her go with a warning,” the rapper said in another video that she shared to her Instagram stories.

“That’s what we do for the [expletive] people! Y’all talking about [expletive] ain’t out here. We out here! We not just typing!  We in the field. We really out here in they face.”

“What the [expletive] is wrong with y’all? That’s what we believe in! We really out here, in their face. Stop playing with me, man,” she continued.

“I believe in that [expletive]. My body different. My team, they body different.” “Come on, bro. Shorty is good, now. She cried, bro. We let her go, bro. We told them, let her go,” she concluded.

#YoungMa speaks out after she helped a fan get off with a warning after the cops pulled her over (SWIPE)

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“Thank you, they gave her a warning,” the rapper said while looking into the camera with a cop behind her, in a video, she shared on her Instagram stories.

“Have a peaceful night,” the cop who was standing behind the rapper said to her, which was seen in the video.

“Come here, baby! Come here, baby!” the ” PettyWap” rapper called out to the woman after the incident. “You got a warning. That’s what we do.”

#PressPlay: A woman in Atlanta was pulled over but she avoided jail after #YoungMA spoke to the cops on her behalf. (SWIPE) (????:@tharealoutlaw)

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She isn’t the only celebrity who has recently interfered during an interaction with police. As we previously reported, Denzel Washington recently interfered when police arrested a homeless man in Los Angeles.

Glennisha Morgan is a Detroit-bred multimedia journalist and writer. She writes about intersectionality, hip-hop, pop culture, queer issues, race, feminism, and her truth. Follow her on Twitter @GlennishaMorgan.