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NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - MAY 14: Host Dan Abrams and analyst Tom Morris attend the Live PD FYC Screening at Saban Media Center on May 14, 2018 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for A&E Networks)

On my personal Facebook page, I made a statement that things were going too far by pulling Cops and LivePD from television.

I realize that I misspoke because it’s not “going too far” but it does disappoint me. Cops and LivePD were pulled from television amidst the recent protests following George Floyd’s death.

Listen, I acknowledge that these two shows were created for ratings and revenue. That’s anything with the media. I’m not blind to the fact that I’m sure things get out of hand and wild for the cameras but it’s entertaining television! Cops is the longest running television show! LivePD is interesting because they go city to city and different laws apply to different areas.

I got some push back on my page because many supported the decision to pull the shows until “change happens.” See, I don’t understand why as a black man I can’t support change happening, support justice for all, believe that police officers should be held accountable and still want to enjoy these shows. I couldn’t tell you if there was any blatant racism or prejudice on those shows, but I can tell you that when I watch, I don’t think “Here they go pulling over another black man.” I think “Here they go pulling over another dumbass!”

Can you support a change needing to happen in this country and enjoy watching police television shows. Where is the line drawn for you?

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