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The Better Business Bureau is warning the public that several scams are floating around related to coronavirus.

On their website, they describe one scam, saying, “You receive an unsolicited message via text, email, or a social media messenger. The message explains that you’ve come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The message instructs you to self-isolate and provides a link for more information. Alarmed, you are tempted to click and get more details. But don’t fall for it! These links can contain malware that downloads to your device.”

With another, they explain that scammers are using robocalls claiming to be part of “contact and tracing efforts.”  Afterward, they ask for personal information or information about financial accounts.

The website also gives advice on telling the difference between a real contact tracer and a scam. Some tips are:

  • Contact tracers will ask you to confirm your identity, but they will never ask for financial information.
  • Contact tracers will never ask for a government ID number or bank account details.
  • Contact tracer will always identify themselves.
  • Contact tracing is usually done over the phone, not through social media or text messages.
  • A contact tracer will never reveal the identity of the person who is positive for coronavirus.

For more tips, go to the Better Business Bureau website.

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