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Bruh… I might as well just wait until after the pandemic is over.

I am an intimate person and I LOVE kissing during sex. Like they say, sex is always better with someone that you love. I don’t just kiss anyone that I hookup with, don’t judge me!

According to Popular Science, doctors recommend having the same screening process you should have had before when it comes to safer sex, condoms, and STD’s. That’s a given though right?

If you plan to hook up with someone who isn’t in your immediate circle, you need to discuss that person’s recent health and their comings and goings. No problem, right? Here’s where it gets weird:

Harvard Medical School suggests that you shower before and after any sexual activity, minimize kissing and yes, wear a mask during sex.

Wear a mask!?!? I need to see your face, I want to kiss you! Too awkward for me! I’m either taking the risk or waiting until it’s over. I know, it’s the irresponsible answer.

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