(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

The Minneapolis Police Department has announced it will withdraw from police union contract negotiations, according to a statement from Chief Medaria Arradondo at a press conference Wednesday (June 10).

Arradondo said he will have outside experts involved to determine how the contract with the Police Officers Federation can be altered to offer transparency and “flexibility for true reform.”

The review will look at critical incident protocols, use of force, disciplinary protocols including grievances and arbitration and more.

“This is not about officers’ wages, bonuses or salaries,” Arradondo said.

He added, “This is about examining those significant matters that touch on things such as critical incident protocol, use of force, the significant role that supervisors play in this department, and also the discipline process to include both grievances and arbitration.”

Regarding if Lt. Bob Kroll, the president of the police union, should leave his position, Arradondo said that he’s been in talks with Kroll and that there are “going to have to be some decisions made.”

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