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If there was a “most tasteless promotion of the year” award, a Wisconsin fitness center would certainly be a front runner for the trophy.This week, a Fitness Center in Wauwatosa began a new workout called “I Can’t Breathe.” The workout plan features an image of a kneeling man, and it ends with, “And don’t you dare lay down.” Needless to say, the move has spawned plenty of backlash, with one Twitter user writing, “Really concerned that Anytime Fitness finds mocking the death of George Floyd appropriate. Racism is alive in Wauwatosa.” Another tweeted, “It is absolutely disgusting.”

The corporate honchos say they were unaware of the franchise’s workout and have apologized.

Can you come up with another example of a tasteless promotion or offer? If your gym did something like this, what would you do?  Find us on Facebook, click here!