(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

This quarantine weight has got to come off!  But it doesn’t look like going to the gym anytime soon will be an option.

Late Wednesday night, an appellate court ruled 3-0 that gyms in Michigan must remained closed.  They were set to open at 12:01 on Thursday morning.

“We sympathize deeply with the business owners and their patrons affected by the governor’s order,” the ruling said. “Crises like COVID-19 can call for quick, decisive measures to save lives. Yet those measures can have extreme costs — costs that often are not borne evenly.”

“The decision to impose those costs rests with the political branches of government, in this case, Governor Whitmer,” the court said.


“Today three Republican-appointed judges got it right: in the fight against a global pandemic, courts must give governors broad latitude to make quick, difficult decisions. The governor will continue to take the actions necessary to save lives,” Governor Whitmer’s Spokesperson saying.

Governor Whitmer saying Michigan could take a step back in the re-opening phase due to the spike in cases.

Stay tuned…the gym battle will continue!