We are finally able to get out a little bit….and the last thing you want to happen to you is someone coughing in your face!!

That’s exactly what happened to local Pastor, Michael Hale and his wife Victoria as they were celebrating Juneteenth and picking up pizza from Belle Isle Pizza.  That’s when he encountered a woman that coughed in his face.

“She literally started to say things to me like, where is your mask or did you lose your mask. And so I told her my mask is in the car, I’m not going to be in here,” he said.



“The sergeant told me that no criminal charges will be filed against her and in the State of Michigan it is currently not a crime to cough on someone,” Victoria said. “But, according to the prosecutor they can’t go after things like this because it’s not a crime and they don’t have the resources to pursue these types of things.”

Michal says he regrets not wearing a mask, but says this should not have happened.