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(Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

We might not have to wait days to get our COVID-19 results.  With people going back to work and getting out and about, this news is coming at the perfect time!!

On Wednesday, Beaumont Health announced that researches have developed a new COVID-19 test that would give you results within 45 minutes.  This test would detect the virus in urine, blood, saliva or a mouth swap.

Dr. Laura Lamb saying this test could be used for screening at places like nursing homes, cruise ships, schools and more.

“We need more testing options if we’re going to stage a successful public health response to COVID-19,” Dr. Laura Lamb said. “This is a rapid test that does not require expensive machinery to run and the materials for it are relatively inexpensive. The more options we have for testing, the better.”

This is good news!!