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A woman in Florida is making a big sacrifice for true love. Per the New York Post, Mary Daniel took a dishwashing job at her husband’s nursing home after the facility barred visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mary initially reached out to see if she could volunteer at Rosecastle at Deerwood in Jacksonville. She adds, “Then, out of the blue two weeks ago, they called and said, ‘Do you want a job?’ When I found out it was as a dishwasher, I thought, ‘Well, okay! I guess I’m a dishwasher now.'”

This new nursing home position has allowed Mary to see her husband after being away from him for 114 days apart.

She adds that the job is completely real. “I had to have a background check, a drug test, a COVID test, 20 hours of video training on everything, including infectious diseases. It was 100 percent legit.”

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