(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

Can you believe some rappers are really hating on T-Pain!? He’s a legend. 

In a recent interview, T-Pain recounted a story of a time when  Travis Scott disrespected and ghosted him during studio sessions. After that, other stories came out about more rappers including Kanye West also disrespecting T-Pain for no reason at all.

I for one will not tolerate any T-Pain slander ….ever! He produces, can sing, can rap, IS THE BEST ARTIST TO USE AUTO-TUNE, and gave us memorable music, features, and hooks for years. He’s goat status. Period. T-Pain ruled the 2000’s.

How you can you not show love to the man that gave us “Bartender”, “I’m Sprung and “Buy You A Drank”…need I say more!?

What is your favorite T-Pain song?