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The always hilarious Will Ferrell turns 53 today! 

Enjoy 6 interesting facts about the funny man…

1. While in high school, he was the varsity football kicker, member of the soccer team, and captain of the basketball team.

2. Ferrell appeared in the Beastie Boys music video “Make Some Noise” (2011). He was featured playing a cowbell, paying tribute to his Blue Oyster Cult “SNL” sketch.

3. Ferrell based his iconic Ron Burgundy character on Philadelphia and Detroit news anchor Mort Crim. In a nutshell, Ferrell was watching a documentary on Crim’s former co-anchor, Jessica Savitch, and was enamored with Crim’s silky baritone voice spewing out sexist and other offensive remarks. After watching the documentary, he immediately called “Anchorman” director and co-writer Adam McKay.

4. On February 13, 2013, while working security during a Lakers game at the Staples Center, Will Ferrell escorted a good-natured Shaquille O’Neal away from his courtside seat. The name on Ferrell’s official red jacket read “Ted Vagina.”

5. He and his wife ran the Boston Marathon in April, 2003. Ferrell’s official time was 4 hours, 2 minutes, and 29 seconds. Previously, they ran the New York City Marathon together in 2001, completing the race in 5 hours, 1 minute, and 56 seconds.

6. His first son, Magnus, was born during the filming Kicking & Screaming in 2005, which is why it is his favorite of the films he appeared in. He said that he is eager for his son to see it, because he will always associate it with his birth.

Now there’s no denying he’s been in some incredibly funny and entertaining movies — from “Anchorman” to “Old School” to “Kicking and Screaming,” the list of Ferrell’s great movies goes on and on…

Watch some videos featuring his best and funniest clips below, in honor of his big day!

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Happiest of birthdays, Will!

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