People are switching to a Black owned syrup company after Aunt Jemima Fallout. The fallout over the image of Aunt Jemima has proven beneficial for a woman named Michele Hoskins. She is the owner of Michele Foods. As people have turned toward shopping and supporting Black-owned businesses, people found her syrup and business has been boomin. Her syrups come in three flavors, Butter Pecan Syrup, Maple Creme Syrup and Honey Creme Syrup. Michele said the recipe comes from her great-grandmother who was a slave. She worked as a cook on a plantation and the family she worked for did not like molasses. She created a syrup of honey, churned butter and cream. Michele expanded on that recipe and now her syrup can be found in 8,000 stores across the country. Have you made an effort to buy and support Black-owned businesses?