Adorable + compassionate = 6 year old Nicholas Bubeck, the mini-CEO behind Creations by Nicholas! 

Nicholas Bubeck started making craft popsicle stick planes during the Coronavirus and realized he was onto something when his little brother wanted one of his own…

The young CEO makes craft planes and DIY Plane Kits, and can talk about the process of launching a company- from a little boy’s eyes. (The importance of being empowered to think outside the box and beyond worksheets during Coronavirus.)

His company also has a ”Kits for Kids’ program which gifts free DIY kits to kids whose parents are in the medical field treating patients with COVID or who’s families have been directly impacted by the COVID pandemic.

A portion of every sale goes to the Triple Heart Foundation, a beautiful organization that gives books to NICUs all around the country!  Nicholas has a special connection the NICU as was born early and spent time in the NICU, himself.

“It makes me feel happy to own my own business. Thank you so much for supporting me!” -Nicholas.  Check out Creations by Nicholas HERE!