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Image: Derek Chauvin (Hennepin County Jail / via AFP - Getty Images)

Derek Chauvin, the ex-Minneapolis cop charged with murdering George Floyd just got hit with more charges, and so did his estranged wife.

Chauvin and his ex-wife Kellie were hit with 9 felony counts for not paying state taxes in Minnesota – including counts for aiding and abetting the filing of false or fraudulent returns and additional counts for failing to file returns at all, according to TMZ.

These issues apparently date back to 2014 and they’re accused of not filing at all for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Oh it gets worse.

Apparently, they were under-reporting their combined income. Derek was apparently making tens of thousands of dollars on side security gigs, the estimate totaled upwards of $95,000!

Kellie was also apparently raking in tens of thousands herself from realtor work and her photography business. None of the money was reported! That’s not really smart considering they’ve purchased different homes and bought a new BMW that they registered in Florida, but had work done to it in Minnesota.

Oh it gets worse!!

Prosecutors say that Derek and Kellie discussed these problems on the phone while he was in custody back in June. Oh, because that’s smart. They referenced not doing them for years.

Lots of money and lots of mistakes that were made here. If they are convicted on each of the counts, they could face up to five years in prison. That’s of course not including the charges that Derek is facing for the George Floyd murder. He still remains behind bars and has yet to enter a plea.

She of course has already filed for divorce.

If I were Derek, I’d probably be more concerned about the murder and manslaughter charges and less about me not paying taxes, even though both are serious!

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