As we reported, Britney Spears’ fans have been passionately trying to get the singer freed from her conservatorship. #FreeBritney has been trending on social media for weeks, and there is even Change.Org petition to get her from under her dad’s control.

And now Tiger King star Carole Baskin is chiming in on the drama.

In a recent interview, the big-cat rights activist fully supported the singer and claimed she “knows something about conservatorships” and feels the singer is “being treated like a caged tiger.” Per Metro News, she said, “It’s not right, and I know something about conservatorships, oh my gosh. Once those things are in place it’s just nothing but a free-for-all for all of these attorneys to just gobble up as much of the money as they can possibly get their greedy little grubby paws on.”

Carole added, “So free Britney. She should be in the wild. And she should really be wary of others, especially those closest to her. Stay cool, cats. Free Britney.”

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