J Steele

3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m

This Mike Tyson / Roy Jones Jr. fight just became a lot more interesting to me!

I was very adamant about not exactly excited about these two getting in the ring and beating each other’s brains in. Now, I might watch just for the musical entertainment.

The undercard features a fight between social media star Jake Paul and former NBA player Nate Robinson.

On a podcast, Paul spilled some unverified information. He said that Lil Wayne and Eminem will perform at the fight. There was also speculation that Post Malone might also perform as well.

I sure do hope this is accurate and not just talk because he just sparked a ton of interest!

None of this is confirmed yet. Stay tuned. The event will happen on September 12th.

I don’t plan to pay to watch this, but I’ll certainly find a bootleg stream or go watch it somewhere!

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