The 2020 Michigan Primary Election is today,  August 4, in which the community can pick the best candidate that they see fit for that role for the state and local leaders who they want to run in the general election in November.

1. Do I have to wear a mask?

2. No splitting the ticket

3.  Are polls still open for in-person voting during the Coronavirus pandemic/Poll hours

3. Can I still register to vote?

4. How do I ge an absentee ballot

5. Do I need my voter registration card in order to vote in person?

6. Sample ballots available online


Hit the link below and check out the guidelines for voting. Stay Safe! and Happy Voting Day!

Masks recommended, no split tickets & 6 other things to know ahead of Michigan's Primary election today

(WXYZ) - Ahead of the primary, we have seven different things you should know before you go to vote today. Related: These are the key races to watch in Michigan's primary election Do you have to wear a mask? It is recommended that people wear a mask for safety while voting in Michigan.