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(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Frito-Lay North Amer

Who is in charge of all of these ideas at the Cheetos camp that keep coming with fire?

Mac and Cheese Cheetos is about to change lunch forever.

This isn’t just a dream because they also have been spotted in stores!

According to Delish, they reached out to PepsiCo who distributes Cheetos and they confirmed it will hit Walmart’s stores and website officially on August 8th. It’s made with with authentic Cheetos cheesiness and corkscrew pasta noodles and will be available in these three flavors below in cup or box format.

Since it’s already been spotted in stores, you may be able to find it early and it’s supposed to be LESS THAN A DOLLAR. YASSSSS! I’m totally going against my blood sugar and trying this when I can find it.

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