A math teacher in Iowa is sharing a BRILLIANT trick to help kids embrace wearing a mask at school!

When Leland Schipper’s 5-year-old son Auden starts kindergarten this month, he will be required to keep his face covered.  “My wife and I had a conversation about how difficult it will be for teachers to enforce that rule but how it important it is,” Schipper, 30, told TODAY Parents. “It dawned on me that we needed to start practicing.”

Drum roll…

Leland Michael

For parents worried their kids won't be able to wear masks for long periods of time this Fall, try this rule for your last few weeks of summer: You're only allowed screen time if you're wearing a...

As simple as it sounds, we have to agree, this is a brilliant idea and worth the try!

Schipper’s hack, which he says is helping Auden, has been shared more than 122,000 times since he posted it on July 31.

Kudos to this creative dad AND for sharing with the rest of us!