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Happy International Beer Day (Aug. 7)!

In honor, Miller Lite is giving away free beer- but there’s a catch.

To get the free bubbles, you have to head to one of the U.S. cities named after countries.

The idea is that since Americans aren’t allowed to travel abroad right now, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the U.S., they can at least travel to cities named after countries.

Here’s the full list of participating cities.

Michigan cities on the list include Norway, East Jordan and China.

Cities include:

Marshall, AK
Russian Mission, AK
Wales, AK
Trinidad, CA
Grenada, CA
Monaco, CA
Trinidad, CO
Lebanon, CT
Scotland, CT
Scotland, GA
Malta, ID
Belgium, IL
Cuba, IL
Lebanon, IL
Macedonia, IL
Malta, IL
Palestine, IL
Panama, IL
Peru, IL
Macedonia, IA
Norway, IA
Panama, IA
Jamaica, IA
Cuba, KS
Lebanon, KS
Peru, KS
Lebanon, KY
Canada, KY
Peru, ME
Lebanon, ME
Mexico, ME
Sweden, ME
Poland, ME
Denmark, ME
China, ME
Norway, ME
Scotland, MD
Peru, MA
Wales, MA
Norway, MI
East Jordan, MI
China, MI
Finland, MN
Saint Vincent, MN
Grenada, MS
Malta, MT
Jordan, MT
Lebanon, NE
Peru, NE
Panama, NE
Lebanon, NJ
Lebanon, NH
Cuba, NM
Angola, NY
Denmark, NY
Mexico, NY
Jamaica, NY
Panama, NY
Russia, NY
Malta, NY
Cuba, NY
Greece, NY
Poland, NY
Sweden, NY
Jordan, NY
Peru, NY
Malta, OH
Poland, OH
Panama, OK
Japan, PA
Germany, PA
Norway, SC
Denmark, SC
Lebanon, SD
Scotland, SD
Denmark, TN
Jamaica, VT
Peru, VT
Trinidad, D.C.
Denmark, WI

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