J Steele

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(Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images)

Be on the lookout because face masks from China are showing up unsolicited in mailboxes all over Florida. These are NOT gifts.

According to a Florida resident who received one, it came from Shanghai, China and had personal information on it including that person’s cell phone number!

The FTC and BBB say this is a scheme called brushing. Sellers get ahold of your address perhaps from your Amazon profile and send you unwanted items.

Then they use your name to post false consumer reviews to boost their sales. Damn!!

While this is scary, it is not expected to cost you money, but they could be using your name to help boost their reputation for products that could very well be trash! The FTC recommends that you change all e-commerce passwords if you receive packages from China that you didn’t order.

I would be excited to receive a free facemask considering how expensive they can be, but I’m not opening ANYTHING I didn’t order. Even though this is mostly happening in Florida, I’d expect this to happen all over the country. Remember when you get one, your boy J. Steele warned you!

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