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LeBron James and other players from the Los Angeles Lakers found a creative way to bring attention to Breonna Taylor’s case on the way to their game Tuesday.

The players wore red hats, similar to the MAGA hats that Trump supporters wear. Instead of saying “Make America Great Again,” the caps were altered to say “Make America Great Again Arrest The Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor.”

James shared a photo of him wearing the accessory with the caption, “By Any Means!! Lets Get It #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor. The Lakers Instagram account also shared photos of the players wearing the hats.

According to CNN, after the game, LeBron James spoke to reporters about the hat.

He said, “It’s just something that we continue to put our foot on the gas, continue to pressure. The situation that’s going on in Louisville, Kentucky, an innocent woman being killed, by the name of Breonna Taylor, a woman who had a bright future, and her life was taken away from her. There have been no arrests. There’s been no justice — not only for her but for her family. We want to continue to shed light on that situation. It’s just unjust.”

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