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If you know me, you know that I am a very outgoing person. I have the type of personality where I like to meet everyone and it doesn’t matter to me if you’re a guy or girl. Let’s be friends! Apparently, not everyone shares the same personality.

Over the weekend, I decided to hop in this girl’s DM’s to say hey! We had been Facebook friends for weeks, I found her on someone else’s post and I requested her. Then, she created what she called a “backup account” for if she ever goes to “Facebook Jail” and she friend requested me! I said a simply “hey what’s up” in to which I got a “who are you?” Well, I love when people ask me that question because that’s the perfect opportunity for me to let you know who I am, tell you a little bit about myself and usually will include a shameless plug about the radio station I work for. She replied with, “I’m Taylor.” I mean obviously… I see your name on your profile. I joked and said “That’s all I get after explaining who I was?” She asked what more I wanted to hear and I didn’t exactly like that snappy response so I told her that we didn’t have to talk if she wasn’t interested. This is where things went south! “What do you mean if I’m not interested? You have a whole girlfriend!” Well, yes. I do have a girlfriend who is quite aware that I have friends of the opposite sex. In fact, you’d be surprised with how open and understanding she is and what we’re into but I digress. I explained that to her and she hit me with the “Bye” gif.

I deleted her immediately and I started wondering if I was wrong. Did I say anything wrong? I wasn’t flirtacious. I didn’t say anything sexual. I figured that she’s used to thirsty guys hopping in her inbox and she thought she was going to catch a cheater. Not today Taylor (that’s her name btw)!

What would you do if a guy who’s in a relationship hopped in your inbox? You might be curious if he’s a player but doesn’t it depend on the approach?

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